Friday, January 20, 2012

The One-Upper

Harry Potter Club Team Meeting at Harry Potter Exhibit.

Me: I wish a new Harry Potter book was coming out today and that I could go home and read it
Amy:  I too wish a new Harry Potter book was coming out today.
And when I went to the bookstore to buy it, Daniel Radcliffe was signing copies.
And when I gave him my book, he signed it with "I love you" and his phone number.
And then I called him and we sat together and he read me the new Harry Potter.
And then when I looked in the front cover there was a hole cut in the pages.
And the biggest diamond ring ever was in it.
P.S. Now we are married.

Such a one-upper!

Song of the Day
We haven't had any Abba here in a while. Please enjoy "Mama Mia."

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