Thursday, September 8, 2011

Guest Post: Back in the NYC

I'm very excited! I have my first ever guest post. My dear friend Becca recently moved by to New York. She was so positively excited about being back in the city that I asked her to write about. Without further ado...

Moving from New York to Portland, OR was hard. Super duper hard. But we’ll talk about Portland in a later post...maybe. Let’s focus on the positive (this is PositivelyAnna after all). I’m back in New York. Smiley face. I’ve always loved the city, but before I left I didn’t appreciate the details. And I’m one for details. Now I want you lucky folks to appreciate the details too. I think it will make New York EVEN BETTER. So I’ll share some of my realizations of why we live in the best city on earth. And if you don’t live here, then why you should be jealous of those who do.
Enjoying the roof of the MET
I’ll give you folks a little list (I’m type A and we like lists).

Number 1: There is always something to do or to explore. No matter what the day, the time, or the weather, you can’t get bored. There is something for everyone. Outdoor movies, Shakespeare in the Park, the guitar player on the pier, the list goes on and on. 

What I love about New York is that people truly take advantage of these opportunities. You might just be walking across the street to get drunk at your local bar, but appreciate it! You can’t do that everywhere (meaning walk to a can certainly get drunk wherever you want).
Get drunk at a local bar? Check!
Number 2: Everything can be delivered. Anything you could ever dream of wanting can be at your doorstep. Peruvian food? Yes please. Groceries? Of course. Your dog? Sure. It is easy to complain about how difficult it is to do anything in New York but you are all fooling yourself. You pass five drugstores on the way to the subway, nine coffee shops between your building and the gym, and three grocery stores walking the dog. If you think that is hard, try living in the ‘burbs where you have get in your CAR to buy a pack of gum. The hardest thing about Manhattan is getting on and off the island.

Who wouldn't want do deliver Becca's cute pup Crouton
Number 3: You can make reservations at restaurants. This seems silly, right? But it’s true. There are many cities (eh hem, Portland) where you can’t make reservations at the most popular restaurants. I’m sure at one point in time there was a good reason for this, but now I just think it’s silly. If I want to go somewhere to eat I don’t want to wait two hours in a crowded foyer/bar/bench in the rain. I plan ahead (type A remember?) and I know where I want to eat a week in advance. I want to be rewarded for this. Thank you New York for allowing me to make reservations! It’s less stressful, you aren’t STARVING by the time you sit down, and it just seems more polite.

Wine Tasting at Hudson Terrace
Number 4: Energy. You can’t miss it. Walking out your door is like walking into a wonderful tornado of fun. When you are surrounded by so much energy how can you be sad, slow, or tired? There is too much sh*t going on around you. I think some people confuse the energy with stress. Instead of assuming everyone around you is stressed and in a hurry (that will only make you feel those same emotions) assume that they are excited for the day/night/lunch....they just want to get there a little faster than you. :)

Number 5: And most importantly, I feel like I’m home.

Thank you Becca!

Song of the Day
Please enjoy the very appropriate Empire State of Mind.

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