Tuesday, June 23, 2009

One of My Favorite Things

As I've mentioned, some days it is tough to think of upbeat songs so I rely heavily on recommendations. When I first started PositivelyAnna, I asked friends for their "pick me up" songs because I couldn't think of enough on my own, but now I do it for a different reason. Now when I ask people for their happy songs they usually say "I can't think of any" but often times they come back up to me later and say "I thought of one! This song makes me happy no matter what is going on" or "This song always reminds me of this great time" and their faces light up. The very thought of that song makes them smile. And that is one of my favorite things.

Song of the Day
When a dear friend recommended this song she was grinning ear to ear and then just had to sing it for a while. Today's song is ABBA's Does Your Mother Know.

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