Thursday, June 11, 2009

A Little Encouragement

I've had some trouble keeping up with the blog lately. It is due to a combination of being busy, writers block and generally feeling a little burnt out. Out of the blue I received a very sweet note from a friend saying how much she enjoys the blog and that she looks forward to getting new posts. I was so appreciative of her encouragement! She didn't even know I had been struggling with writing but simply hearing that she looks forward to my next posts was enough to recharge me.
Encourage the people in your life. Tell a friend who is trying to lose weight that you are impressed by how often they have been going to the gym. Or if your assistant has recently stepped up the quality for their work, let them know that you have noticed and that you appreciate it. A little encouragement can go a long way. A simple "Keep it up!" may relight the fire within your friend and help them stay on track towards their goals.
Song of the Day
This past weekend was my 5 year college reunion. And while sometimes I may wish I was back in college, I don't think I could keep up (see exhibit A below). A friend had asked me about 6 months ago to play this song when our reunion came around and I just couldn't let her down. Please enjoy OAR's Crazy Game of Poker.
Exhibit A - I have a funny feeling I wasn't about to throw that bottle of wine away

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