Thursday, July 28, 2011

Worth Disrespecting Librarians

When trying to come up with decorating concepts for our apartment, Matt and I both liked this idea from Country Living's 2010 House of the Year.
Picture by Joshua Lyon
They framed drawings of oceanic life forms. I loved the idea, but I didn't think that it was something I could recreate as I'm no interior decorator. But then I was in Strand one day, and wouldn't you know it Art Forms in Nature was sitting right on top of one of the tables. It was meant to be.
This book includes loads of beautiful, intricate drawings.

Our version of this fun design concept is much simpler, but we still love it.
I had to down a few glasses of wine before I got up the nerve to rip the pages out of the book (I can hear a collective gasp from all my local librarians), but other than that it was a very simple project. We used frames from Ikea, which is what the talented people at Country Living did too.

Another fairly inexpensive piece of wall art that we are very happy with.

Song of the Day
Let's have a little fun....Please enjoy the B52's Love Shack.

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