Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Our Engagement Story

Like any good story, the one of our engagement is filled with surprises, intrigue, lies, and true love. It happened last Thursday when I was supposed to have dinner with two girlfriends. They both had to cancel at the last minute with legitimate excuses (which it turns out were bold face lies!). Matt came to rescue and planned a date for us.

Now, I must rewind...my favorite date I ever had with Matt is when we randomly decided to take a walk in Central Park after work and then found ourselves at an outdoor cafe where we had amazing mussels and wine. We hadn't planned it, it was just one of those wonderful evenings that magically came together. I often reminisce about this night and was excited when Matt said he wanted to do something similar on Thursday. As I'm writing to you now I realize it seems odd I didn't realize he was going to propose, but I really didn't!

So Matt picked me up after work and we took a cab to a different, albeit equally as lovely outdoor cafe, and we enjoyed mussels and wine. We then headed toward the Park. I thought it was kinda strange that Matt wanted to walk North when we live South, but I didn't complain because it was a beautiful night. We strolled hand in hand, enjoying the scenery, the tourists, and each other.

We stopped on the Bow Bridge, one of the prettiest spots in the park. From there, Matt spotted an empty bench where we went and sat. What was said then is for me to keep and cherish, but it ended with Matt getting down on one knee and me excitedly committing to spend the rest of my life with him.
View from where he proposed. Not on the actual day but from when he did a practice run. Cutest thing ever!

Even though it was the perfect weather, we were both way to pumped to stay in the Park. We rushed out through Strawberry Fields and hopped in a cab. We called our families, shared the news, cried, and laughed. I was relieved when we got home because I really had to pee (see previously mentioned wine), but I was out of luck because there was a surprise party waiting! Matt had reached out to our friends in New York and asked them to all join in our celebration. I know they were touched to be apart the amazing night and it meant so much to both of us.
So surprised!
 It has been an incredible few days. I have been overwhelmed by the support that we have been shown by all of you. I've been blessed in every way imaginable, with the most important being my incredible fiance (AHHH! I love saying that!!)

Song of the Day
You all knew this was coming...the song of the day is Beyonce's Sing Ladies (Put a Ring On It).


  1. YAY! SO happy for you guys!

  2. Aw, what a wonderful story! SO happy for you!!!!

  3. Congrats Anna!

    But I think you mean mussels and wine, not muscles and wine -- even though you said muscles twice.

  4. Congratulations Anna! What a sweet story!


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