Sunday, August 15, 2010

#2: San Francisco

Matt and I got back from California yesterday. It was such a great vacation. In fact, it felt like four vacations. When I wrote last week about completing #2 on my 101 List "Go back to California," I felt like I had accomplished that goal by spending a few days in San Francisco. But we spent the last week REALLY seeing California. I know it is a giant state but I just had no idea how many truly different regions there are and how beautiful they are in their own way. I want to tell you all about our trip and urge you to take a similar one.

I last left you when we were exploring San Francisco. We explored our butts off! My wonderful friend BZ played tour guide to us and other friends who were in town for the wedding. We visited Fisherman's Wharf and then went to the Golden Gate Bridge. And oh what a bridge it is! The one thing I was bummed we missed in San Francisco was riding bikes across the bridge but walking part of the way was still amazing.
We went to a Giants game at AT&T Park. It overlooks the bay and provides an incredible view. You should sit high up, on the third base line for optimal views. We could not figure out why the stadium was filled with hippies and smelled like the pot. We found out later it was Jerry Garcia Night and it all came together. Only in San Francisco.Matt and I spent another day exploring the city and fell in love with the food, the trolleys and the architecture. We even loved the hills a little bit.

Song of the Day
This one is for the hippies! Grateful Dead's Touch of Grey.

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  1. I LOVE all of your pics!! Can you email the one of the dips?! That needs to be framed in my house STAT:-)


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