Monday, August 16, 2010

#2: Highway 1 and My Favorite Place

From San Francisco we headed south on the Pacific Coast Highway. If you have never taken this road trip, what the heck are you waiting for!? It is amazing.
Take your family, your dog or just go by yourself. The views are breathtaking and range from mountains, to cliffs, to plains, to beaches. And you can pretty much stop where ever you like. We spotted this cool lighthouse so we just pulled over and did some exploring. As simple and as awesome as that!
When my friend Jackie heard that I was driving down the coast, she insisted that we stop at her favorite restaurant Duarte's in Pascadero. I'll admit that I put this stop in the "Maybe" column while planning our trip. But when I saw that we were going to pass right by the town we looked for directions to the restaurant. We missed it by about 10 miles and were just going to keep driving but decided that to turn around. Best decision we ever made! Jackie is a genius.
While the outside of Duarte's made us hesitate, Jackie had forewarned me that it "looked like a place where people drink from 10 AM to 10 PM" so we proceeded. Despite its shabby appearance, Duarte's is some what of a culinary Mecca. They have an honorary James Beard Award for goodness sakes! The food was amazing! All super fresh and locally grown or raised.
I caught a tip by eaves dropping on the couple next to us that there was a little goat farm up the road that excellent cheese. So Matt and I headed there and were pleasantly surprised to find Harley Farms, where they raise their own goats and produce the most wonderful cheeses, soaps and lotions.
I would have to say that Pascedero was my favorite part of the vacation. Others were certainly more exciting or majestic, but Pascedero was such a surprise! An unbelievably quaint town with great people and incredible food. Places like this are why I love to travel. Thanks again Jackie!
Song of the Day
While driving down the highway we blasted Mumford & Sons. The California coast reminded me a lot of Scotland so it seemed appropriate. Please enjoy The Cave.

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