Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Sorting Out My Life

Sorting out your life...a term usually reserved for parolees, recovering meth addicts, and often me. Do you ever feel like your life has gotten away from you? I don't mean like a "And you may ask yourself, did I get here?" Talking Heads moment. But more like you have no clean underwear, there is a big stack of unopened mail, the fridge smells and there is literally nothing to eat in the house. This is how I felt when I arrived home on Monday night.

We had been dog/house sitting and I hadn't been back to my apartment in almost a week. The disarray that met me as soon as I opened the door was enough to make me curl up on the pile of crap on my bed. It was all too much to face on Monday night so I just mentally prepared for the next evening when I would "sort out my life". And last night I sorted my ass off! I went grocery shopping, went to the gym, got my eyebrows waxed, made a balanced dinner and did laundry. Bing! Bang! Boom! My life is sorted.

Song of the Day
Today's song is Talking Head's Once in a Lifetime.

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