Monday, May 9, 2011

May = The Month of Clean

I've dubbed May The Month of Clean.  Our apartment is in the chaotic phase when our spring clothes are needed, but we haven't put away our winter gear yet, aka The Shit is Everywhere Phase.  Work has been busy and we have been traveling a lot so we haven't found time to get our place in order.

But never fear...the to do list is here!  I've listed some pretty lofty goals but I've given myself a month to complete them.  And when I don't feel like cleaning out the closet or organizing the tupperware, I reminding myself how much more at ease I am when things are clean and in the right place...and at ease is a wonderful place to be.

Because I'm a fan of positive public pressure, I'm posting my to do list here:
  1. Clean out and organize all closets
  2. Clean out and organize underneath each bed
  3. Rearrange kitchen so tupperware can be found and pots don't fall on my head
  4. Get rid of unwanted books (sorry books, someone else will definitely want you)
  5. Bring stuff to Goodwill
  6. All dishes done before bed on Sunday night
Wish me luck!  How your spring cleaning going?

Song of the Day
Today's song is Men at Work's Down Under.   

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