Monday, May 16, 2011

Birthday Surprise

It was my birthday a few weeks ago, and as I've mentioned, I love it. Unfortunately Matt had to leave for a business trip on my birthday. He was very sweet and we celebrated the day before. I really appreciated it but when my birthday arrived and he had to the head to the airport, I was disappointed.  I didn't want to be a Birthday Brat but I planned a celebration with lots of people I love and it didn't feel complete without him.

The weather on my birthday was horrible. Huge thunderstorms.  Matt's flight was delayed.  We were both bummed because not only was he not helping me celebrate, he was stuck a few miles away at the airport.

Later that night I was enjoying a fabulous dinner with a few friends.  My friend Trish took out her camera, but I asked her to save the pictures until after we were all done eating.  I thought it was strange she seemed so disappointed and hesitated to put the camera away.  It was a lucky thing she did.  A few  seconds later Matt stepped into the restaurant, soaking wet and carrying his luggage.  After sitting in the airport for six hours, his flight was officially canceled, so he sprinted to the restaurant.  He had been in touch with my friends so they were all in on the surprise.  It was wonderful!

It was a fabulous birthday surprise.  I'm so glad it was caught on camera.  Thanks Trish!

Song of the Day
Today's song is Kelly Clarkson's My Life Would Suck Without You.


  1. Aw, that is SO SWEET!!!! I love that you have it on camera!

  2. Thanks Katie! I'm so happy my friend ignored my stick-in-the-mud request to put her camera away.


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