Friday, October 29, 2010

The New Driving Force

The other day I read something on MightyGirl, one of my favorite blogs, that really jumped out at me. Maggie was talking about a friend saying that she taught her "to ignore inconvenience in the face of potential."

I feel like lately (OK the past few years), I've passed a lot of things up because maybe I was too tired, or it was too expensive, or I didn't have anything to wear. But when I really think about it, I said no because I wasn't sure exactly how things would go. WTF Anna! That is the opposite of Positively! Sure maybe my feet will hurt, or maybe I won't have fun, but maybe I'll end up having a blast or meeting some amazing new friends. Who knows!

Earlier today Matt got some Local Native tickets for a show tonight. I was going to pass because I have been working a lot, I had planned on just staying in, and I don't know a lot of their songs. But then I remembered my new driving force: to ignore inconvenience in the face of potential! So I'm off to a concert for what has the POTENTIAL of being my new favorite band. And dang it, I'm excited!

Song of the Day
Here is one of the Local Native songs that I do know. Please enjoy Airplanes.


  1. Love it! And can't wait to hear how the show was :)

  2. I POSITIVELY loved this blog post. And I am stealing that little line. Thanks, Anna!


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