Thursday, July 8, 2010

Sara, Prom?

The other day I was jogging along the Hudson (my favorite place to run in the city), and I noticed something written in chalk on the path. Over and over again for about a mile someone had written "Sara, prom?" What a prom proposal! I was swooning! I imagined this mystery girl, Sara running along the Hudson (probably her favorite place too) and being completely surprised.

And maybe Sara is wildly intelligent and interesting but no one in her school notices her because she is shy, a bit of a wall flower. But she caught the eye of the most popular guy at school. He is intimidated by her smarts and understated beauty so he wanted to come up with something super creative to ask her to prom. Very Pretty in Pink.

OH! Or maybe this guy is Sara's best friend, but he has always been in love with her. And he will tell her that when she reaches the end of the running trail. And then she will admit that she has always loved him too. And they will kiss! And all of New York City will cheer!

Or maybe the dude is really a girl! Lesbians are so romantic.

I sprinted to the end of the path in hopes that I would see one of these wonderful scenarios unfold. But Sara wasn't there. Still one of the most romantic things I've ever stepped on.

Song of the Day
I thought Taylor Swift's You Belong With Me would be good for this post. I miss high school crushes!

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