Friday, May 21, 2010

The Big Race: Sexy Biatches? Really? REALLY!?

There was a lot more going on during the race then just running and driving. For instance our team name. Our team name was GOING ON!

When we arrived at the start line, we were unpleasantly surprised to see that our team name, “Sexy Biatches”, was not only printed on our race numbers, but that the race officials would be calling us that the entire time. We thought “Sexy Biatches” was our team captain’s not-so-sweet pet name for us, not our registered team name!
Not only were we embarrassed by the non-feminist nature of our name, but it wasn’t even creative! There were tons of great names. Our favorites were “WTF! I Thought This Was a 5K," “Butts, Sweat, and Beers” and “My Boss Made Me Do This” (that was a corporate team).

But as the race wore on, the name grew on us. Other teams thought it was hilarious and we got lots of extra cheers because of it, which when you are running 200 miles in 36 hours is a huge help. Two guys from another team sheepishly approached us just to double check that it was ok for them to refer to us as “sexy” and “biatches.” It was very sweet. Some bodies mama raised them right!

Song of the Day
No surprise here! Today's song is Sexy Bitch.

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  1. I'm always impressed by people's creativity with team names. In divinity school our soccer team was called "Paracletes."


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