Thursday, December 1, 2011

Positively Possible by 2015

Today's is World AIDS Day. Check out this video on the status of this pandemic. I was dumbfounded and elated to learn that the transmission of HIV from mother to child can be virtually eradicated by 2015. That is just three years! With so many things going wrong in the world that seem impossible to fix, it is encouraging that if we work hard we can reach a major goal in the near future.

The AIDS quilt was started in 1987 as a way to remember friends, lovers, and families that had died. Today the quilt is over 1,290,000 square feet and includes more than 91,000 names (learn more here). 2015 Quilt has started a virtual quilt, allowing you to create your own panel to show your support. Here is mine. Create your own panel! It is an easy way to support this very worthy cause.

Song of the Day
Today's song in U2's Beautiful Day.

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