Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Trying to Get Back

In the three years I've been writing this blog, this has been my longest hiatus. My goal here is to focus on the "good stuff." I haven't been able to do that lately. I've been going through a series of sad, bad, and exhausting things. And because these things have been layered on top of me I've had nothing to say here.

But I'm trying to get back. I'll admit for a time I was drowning, then struggling, then coping, and now I'm getting back on my feet. And back to you. But just like the sad, bad, and exhausting things in your life, mine aren't just going to instantly fade away. I'm going to keep taking care of myself and asking for help, which is my suggestion for any of you going through a hard time.

There are many types of therapy. I'm a firm believer that none will work unless you are in the right "place." This blog is a type of therapy for me...helping me focus on positive things. But for a while I was far from the right mental place. I've recently started to feel better, and I am again noticing small, good things. And I really want to share them with you. I'm positively happy to be back.

Song of the Day
UGH! Speaking of exhausting things I'm just finding out that Hypster, the site I use to create my playlist, might have shut down. I'm trying to figure it out and how to keep up the Song of the Day. In the meantime, the todays song is I Can See Clearly Now.


  1. Sending good vibes your way, Anna. Hope things get better!!

  2. Hope things get better Anna! Thinking of you and sending love!


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