Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Week of 8/4: Thought/Tip of the Week: Patience is Overrated

"Good things come to those who wait". Who ever said that was probably very lazy! How about we start saying "ALL things comes to those who act"? What do you want right now!? I bet there is something you have been wanting to try or change. There is nothing out there that you want that you can't start right now. Try me! Want to lose weight? Eat a piece of fruit right now! You won't immediately lose 5 pounds but you have just officially started your diet. You want to find a boyfriend? Sign up for online dating! Most of the major sites have free trials. If it isn't your thing, you can stop but at least you tried it out. Want to run a marathon? Go for a run. So what if you can only run two miles? Next time you will be able to run two miles and 50 feet. I've recently become interested in psychology but was disappointed that I wouldn't be able to take any classes until the winter. But instead of forgetting about it, I went right to the bookstore and bought a psychology 101 book. I can start learning new things immediately. So that is your challenge for today (I'm not even going to give you a whole week). Start towards your goal. You won't reach it in one day but you will be one step closer than you were yesterday.

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