Thursday, June 26, 2008


I made cookies tonight, which, as per usual, involved the fire alarm and burning myself. As I was holding my hand under the cold water, I took a deep breath, stopped cursing and started singing "Suddenly I See". That didn't stop my first batch of cookies from burning but it did make me smile (eating some batter helped too).
For today's song I've chosen Whitney Houston's "I Want to Dance with Somebody". So if you are having one of those Thursdays when you repeatedly think it is Friday and then you are repeatedly disappointed when you realize it is not, jam out to this song.


  1. Anna, this is super cool. I'm going to check out your page for some updates...I always need a song to pep me up. I'll have to think up some favorites to share with you!

  2. Woohoo! This could be my regular routine: Fire up computer and get my song for the day before continuing to the more drudgy stuff. Keep em coming. (who taught you how to make cookies? yikes)


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